Allan & Anderson (Importers) Ltd

We’re family owned and run Fruit Importers based in the heart of Liverpool’s business sector.

The company mainly stores its produce in modern refrigerated premises in the Boston area of Lincolnshire.

Close to the Spalding network of transport, this enables the overnight delivery of produce to all areas of the United Kingdom with care and efficiency.

Much of the produce, particularly Onions from Holland and Spain are organised and loaded into specific customer requirements. These are delivered direct to customers from International Vehicles, reducing internal handling costs to provide realistic prices on produce. This gives a three or four day packer to customer service resulting in delivery of the freshest produce possible.

In order to maintain a healthy position in today’s industry, Allan & Anderson have worked to achieve strong links with the Chinese sector, the catering industry and prepackers for the multiples, but still continue to focus on the day to day needs of the Wholesale Fruit Market

Managing Director

David Banks

Today’s Managing Director David Banks worked in Liverpool for Allan Anderson before travelling to work and live in Spain on the procurement role of the company. After establishing and strengthening links with many growers and exporters, he returned to England and in 1978 bought the company. At that time David introduced Importers into the title and maintained the company’s traditions of Quality Produce at continually competitive prices.

The Import & Sales Team

Alistair Banks

Alistair joined the family business in 1991, he has continued current sales and introduced different techniques of packaging and labelling at source, in order to meet the customer requirements of a rapidly changing market.

Allan Harrison

A popular local fruit salesman, Alan has over 40 years experience in sales of fresh produce for the Wholesale markets.

Meet Our team

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  • 10th Nov, 2015